“How To Eat An Elephant One Bite At A Time” Gina Hiatt (video w/slides)


With three decades of experience in helping people overcome obstacles and achieve academic and business success, Dr. Hiatt brings her expertise in software AND psychology to the table.

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So how DO you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time, of course!

But for folks with ADHD, taking one bite at a time seems too slow, the elephant is too daunting and the mission is … impossible.

Gina Hiatt, Ph.D., psychologist and president of Finish Agent, Inc. has some ADHD-friendly spoons for that big old elephant in the middle of the room. She has developed an extremely effective method of accomplishing your goals through small daily actions that generate BIG results. It’s a membership site that empowers clients to finally accomplish those “elephant” goals.

It’s such a great program that I have joined forces with Dr. Hiatt to create a special “Gentle Nudge” version for ADDivas!


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