“ADHD Sex & Intimacy” Amy Stapleford (audio w/slides)


(Shhhhh!) We’ll finally tell the delicate truth about physical intimacy and the ADHD brain – you’ll be surprised at how they influence each other!

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ADDivas finally talk about (shhh) the s-e-x word. Yes, Amy goes under the covers to offer some frank and down to earth facts and advice about the sometimes confusing intersection of physical intimacy and our ADHD brains.

This is NOT about positions and other taboo topics. This audio presentation offers a scientific and research-based approach to the issues that we take with us to the bedroom.

You’ll learn a lot here.. how ADHD medications can affect sexual desire; how the ADHD brain flits even when it is supposed to pay attention to that important person. And you’ll be relieved to know that your secret questions can be aired and answered.

Join Amy for a wonderful and safe excursion through a delicate subject.


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