“Confessions of an ADDiva” softcover book


Midlife in the Non-Linear Lane

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Not only does Linda Roggli know what it’s like to be diagnosed with ADHD as an adult (age 45, to be precise), she’s willing to share her most embarrassing moments in her ADD-ish life.

Take a peek into her innermost secrets to find out:

  • Why “D-O-N-E” is her favorite word
  • What it’s like to “go overboard” most of the time
  • How she earns the title “Professional Disorganizer”
  • Why she identifies with Pippi Longstocking
  • Why being “dain bread” doesn’t mean brain damage
  • Why menopause and ADD have a lot in common
  • About the link between ADD and illegible handwriting
  • How she created a happy marriage even with ADD
  • About Nora Penne Effrin and Sarah Tonin
  • How you can create the life you’ve always deserved even after age 40

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