Retreats are intensified coaching, like coaching on steroids — lots of information coming in a small amount of time. But the rewards are great and the transformation remarkable.
Retreats are Linda’s first love (aside from Victor). She followed her dream to become a spiritual retreat facilitator and now loves hosting ADDiva, women’s and couples retreats.
Retreats are held at Durham, NC and at Emerald Isle, NC. The retreats include:

ADDiva retreats Small group setting – no more than nine participants – spend a long weekend learning more about ADD and its impact, talking with other women who share their penchant for forgetting where they parked the car — EVERY time they go shopping — and group coaching with Linda. It’s a blast – tender, funny and life changing!
Women’s transformational retreats Again, small groups of women to find meaning and purpose in their lives. Some tears, some belly laughs and amazing growth all in just 4-5 days. Wow.
Couples retreats Victor and Linda co-facilitate these retreats, which helps the guys feel more comfortable (if there are guys – we are comfortable with lesbian couples, too).

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